Friday, November 9, 2007

Building Bunk Bed Plans vs. Buying a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds and loft beds are great for making more space in children’s’ or even adults’ rooms. So why not just go buy what you want and set it up? If you have looked at the many options available and the wide range of prices, you are probably left to conclude that it is far easier said than done. On the one hand you can buy the very cheapest metal or wooden bunk bed and make due, or you can shell out a gajillion dollars and get the really big name brand unit complete with matching shipping cartons and hope it fits with your theme and the color matches what you had in mind. Let me ask, have you ever considered building a bunk bed, loft bed or even a trundle bed yourself? It may not be as hard as you think. Perhaps you know someone like a grandparent who could undertake the task. Maybe you could hire a handyman to do it. If you are the least bit handy, you could probably handle the task yourself in a couple of weekends. There are many advantages to building your own bunk or loft. Let’s consider a few.

One common reason that people build their own bunk bed or loft bed is cost. To purchase these pieces of furniture, you either pay big money or get really low quality. The lower-end manufactured bunk beds on the market are typically very flimsy and do well to hold up for just a few years. You can build very attractive, sturdy, long-lasting, safe bunk beds or loft beds for under $150.

Alright, it’s abundantly obvious that I am not in favor of the low price store-bought bunk beds. I know that they all have to meet the federal CPSC safety guidelines or the local equivalent) but if they fall apart all bets are off. You just have to trash them. Consider that for about the same money as a low-end bunk or loft you can build your own that are quite impressive to look at and will last for many, many years. Check out the following address online for a variety of bunk bed and loft bed plans.

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